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Deskripsi Blackstreet feat. Dr Dre, TheLPUnknown and Queen Pen - No Diggity

TheLPLyrics presents The Smash '96 Hit - No Diggity. A brand new verse by TheLPUnknown is up in the mix...

Verse 2:

Explosive, drop a few lines with a taste,
Dre and LP spittin' rhymes, racin' face-to-face;
Blackstreet, mixing vocals colide with this beat,
I take every chance to shine, follow my lead.

Down to business,
Breakin' it down to bits and pieces,
Old school vibes, TheLPLyrics coexisting...

...Maybe I should lay back for a little while - NO

Dynamic, more than ever, no panic;
Keept it real, keep it simple or keep trying.
Creativity lays out environment to shine in,
I buy-in, and either way you'll know I'm all in.

Rising, I'm comin' up no doubt,
It's hard to fall when I flow with the rhythm and sound;
Smart moves bring the dawg to the next level,
being able, record deal and a record label...

No diggity, No doubt, Yeah