Wrestling my twins at bedtime

Bedtime used to be so easy. It was a calm relaxing time where the boys would doze in their dimly lit quiet room in their car seats with the bottles in the bebe bottle slings. I would chill out in the rocking chair hanging out on my cell phone playing Candy Crush. Then as the babies finished up their bottles and doze I would grab one and snuggle and rock them for a few minutes before I laid them down in their crib and then grab the other one and do the same. Looking back it was such a magical time!


Fast forward to present day and it's a circus! Both boys will NOT stay for any length of time in their car seats to relax and have their bottle. Each one feels the need to flip themselves out of the car seat to crawl around and explore. They pull themselves up on everything and anything. If I sit on the floor and try to feed them they crawl away and then crawl back and sit there while I hold the bottle in their mouth for about an ounce and off they go again. I tried corralling them on a bunch of propped up pillows on the floor but that was a hilarious and sad situation. I got Owen settled with his bottle and had to go get Ryan who was crawling in the opposite direction. By the time I got him and got him settled on the pillows the other already rolled and crawled away!

Here is the hilarity of my husband taking his turn trying to feed the boys while I hung out with Amelia and giggled at the monitor. Note that it's only funny when you're watching not the one dealing with it! Sorry Adam but I know you were laughing at me the night before!


Note: that is Owen kneeling there while Adam feeds him the bottle and Ryan is in his lap. It is quite ridiculous!

So I am on the quest of perfecting a new bedtime routine that involves a lot less crawling and chasing (mainly on my part). If there are any tips from any other multiple mamas I am all ears!


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  1. This is one of the toughest parts about twins! I have no advice, only sympathy. This is part of the reason mine are in two different rooms - divide and concur! Good luck Mama!

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